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Aktualne informacje prasowe na temat firmy ZENNER International GmbH & Co. KG

RTK-S Piston flow meter by ZENNER
Press release 21.12.2011

Precision lightweight

RTK-S: the four-letter abbreviation stands for a newly developed dry rotor cold water meter using an annular piston that ZENNER presented at the ISH 2011 for the first time. » read more
zelsius C3 with volumetric measuring unit ISF
zelsius C3
Press release 21.12.2011

A classic in small format

The designation ‘compact heat meter’ is true in every sense of the words with the new zelsius C3 from ZENNER: Due to the combination of the proven zelsius counter unit with a particularly slim single-jet volumetric measuring unit, the meter has an installation height of just 47.5 millimetres (from the centre of the pipe to the top edge of the counter). » read more